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Tristan Jessie Blog Post
June 30, 2016
Tristan Jessie Blog Post


Nine years old was the change I needed. Nine years old my life was supposed to go uphill, get better, be better. At nine years old my younger sister was born. That moment brought memory back to me and I wanted that moment to take away the pain of my past.

The Past


A hook up in 1991 created me. At 8 months old [Aug ‘92], the court ordered a paternity test. I was 16 months old when my dad started getting visitations. My dad was married to Tina Hiser [maiden] and they were pregnant with my younger brother. Fall of 1993, my dad gained protective custody and was given full custody by the summer of ’94. Right before Christmas of 1995, my mom lost all visitation with me. Eventually she regained visitations with me; starting with supervised visitations and ending with every other weekend.

Why the Custody Changes

My mom married Tony Moore first, and attempted suicide via drug overdose [protective custody established]. Then some sexual abuse and physical abuse came to light giving my dad full custody. Court orders were violated so mom lost all visitation. I remember therapy and counseling. I had dreams that turned out to be memories trying to come back to me. I can still see his face. But for the most part, court records and medical records are why/how I know anything about the custodial situation of my childhood.

Memory Rebirth

The birth of my younger sister, to me was a saving grace and gave hope, a reason to heal. My first sight of redemption through God. Unfortunately God thought I could handle more.

More Destruction

In 2003, my dad and Tina went through a divorce. August of 2005, my dad moved him and me to Mt Washington KY with his girlfriend; she was going through her own divorce and had two kids. Little did I know that move would bring me to a whole new level of Hell on Earth; the worst four years of my entire life. I met my very best friends, Nicole Porter. God put her in my life at the right moment because He knew I would have never survived those years without her.

High School is supposed to be the best years of your life. Everyone wants to go back to those years. Not me. Never. The mental and emotional abuse that I went through those four years were far worse than any physical and sexual abuse I had previously been exposed too.

Rescue Number One

After writing a letter, my dad writing a letter, teachers and counselors writing letters all on my behalf, the school board approved my early graduation. I graduated high school with a diploma in Dec of 2009 and went straight to University of Kentucky. Jan 2010 through May of 2010 were full of redemption. The Lord delivered me and there was such a fire to get to know him more. I owe so much to Crystal Neace for being the light I needed; as well as Trinity Christian Fellowship, University Christian Fellowship, and home group at the Grissom’s. During that time I gained contact with Tina and my siblings, after 5 years of no communication!

Falling Short

I made the choice to move back home with Tina and transfer to Western Kentucky university. I wanted to rekindle a relationship with my family. I worked and attended classes, made new friends, and stopped going to church. The once fire I had for the Lord slowly faded.

Several Doctors had told me that due to past trauma I would not be able to maintain a pregnancy. I had one miscarriage; that I kept to myself for my own reasons. However, God had other plans. Once again, I strayed away and hung out with the wrong people while making a few bad choices. God prevailed once again by sending my saving grace.

Finally, Heard From Above

I met my husband in March of 2013. Isaiah was born in October of ’13. Mukenzie arrived in May of 2015 followed by our marriage on August 22, 2015.

My life completely changed. I am back in prayer and in church. Just soon after giving birth to my son, I came to peace and was able to forgive my mom fully. I would not have been able to do that if it wasn’t for the Lord, our God and His Church. Bro Ken Thomas at Walnut Hill Missionary Baptist preached the sermons I needed to hear that allowed for such peace to take over. I am still working through the healing process, forgiving other people, and moving on. But I know that God is not done with me yet.

It been on my heart to just share my story, to let other know that God does not give up on us when we falter.

This is my timeline and I hope to share more raw intimate details. I want it to be known that life can get better. God will lead us, and make himself be heard from above.

Life was fuzzy for me with few memories before age 9.  But my magic number is twenty-two. I finally Heard Him From Above. God, was Heard From Above.


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