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Tristan Jessie Blog Post
June 8, 2016
Tristan Jessie Blog Post

“I tried for a very long time to breastfeed my premature son but he had such a hard time latching and when he did he was so tiny and weak he wouldn’t suck. He would cry and fight the whole time until I was told to use formula from my lactation consultant. Tristan Jessie pushed me to continue to feed my baby the best nutrients their possibly was for him but helping me learn to produce as much as I could provide from solely pumping and taking care of myself with supplements and water I produced half as much more and was able to feed my son breast milk for a month longer than I would have been. He was still under weight and needed to go on premature formula but I am so grateful you pushed me to give him all I could for as all as I did.”

–Shyla Stratton,  23

“Since the birth of my son, Tristan has helped me too many times to count during my breastfeeding journey. My son is 17 months old and she still helps me! From helpful advice to friendly encouragement, she has been amazing. I can think of many nights that would’ve been sleepless for me without her reassurance, and late night Q&A sessions. Thank you so much, Tristan!”

–Lauren Mills, 24

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